People throw around the word ‘capitalism’ a lot. But chances are, different people understand that word to mean lots of different things. Here I try to break down the basics of what I mean when I say ‘capitalism’, and why I think it’s time for a different economic system.

Capitalism: An Economic System Based On Exploitation

By ‘economic system’, I mean the system of deciding how things like housing, type of work, food and power (like the power that a parent has to make decisions over their child’s pocket money, the power that the police have to fine or exert…

Gay rights as revolution or reform: how has the gay rights movement challenged, reshaped, or adhered to the concept and practice of social citizenship in Australia, both in the context of early gay liberation in the 1970s-80s, and in contemporary gay rights movements?

via — one of a number of lesbian and gay protest around the time of the first Mardi Gras in 1978.

1. Introduction

This piece outlines the contrasting elements of gay rights movements, past and present, between those elements seeking to win specific rights for people with a gay identity through illustrating how little the granting of such rights would challenge or reshape social citizenship, and those elements actively seeking to radically challenge and reshape the concept and practice of…


Both ‘state sovereignty’ and ‘human rights’ are highly contested concepts; their very definitions are contested, as well as their comparative importance and inviolability. This essay briefly discusses some of the meanings of human rights and state sovereignty, before drawing on the example of the Australian-run detention centre on Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island to illustrate several of the tensions between these concepts. This essay then briefly explores alternative versions of sovereignty, that may have the potential to be more compatible with human rights than state sovereignty.

Human Rights

The term ‘human rights’ can be interpreted to mean vastly different things to different…

This piece was initially written for and published in GreenMail — the members-only magazine for The Greens NSW — by the co-convenors of the NSW Young Greens, Holly Brooke and Kleon Toffetti. However, despite the relatively inward-facing perspective of the argument presented, we would both like to be able to share this piece more broadly and so are also publishing here.

Globally, we’re seeing the rise of some truly terrifying political trends and groups. In 2010, the wealthiest 388 people in the world held as much wealth as the bottom 50% of the world’s population. By January 2017, 388 had…

For the purposes of this article, “patriarchy” will refer to the social system that, among many other things:

  • Defines the types of labour coded as ‘masculine’ and as ‘feminine’;
  • Privileges masculinity over femininity;
  • Grants those who are male [and cisgender] greater political power, social privilege, assumed intelligence, assumed moral authority, and more; and
  • Presents inequality between genders as natural or individualistically chosen rather than socially constituted.

The patriarchy will not and cannot be defeated under capitalism*. Yet, despite what many cis men who engage in leftwing political organising would have you believe, dismantling capitalism will not automatically lead to an…

Riley Brooke

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